Kathy Buxton

Kathy Jennings-Buxton is Producer and Owner of Grasshorse Studios.  Her life has been a journey to uncover the divine and connect the muses of performance with the logistical and practical -- transcending restraints and obstacles into successful productions.

Embracing the gypsy life-style and channeling her rebellious nature into performance, Buxton thrust herself into the nomadic experience of trooping with the last original travelling tent show, The Schaffner Players.  Fostered by uncle and legendary “Toby” showman, James Vernon Davis, Buxton learned the intricacies of performing for and to live audiences.  This experience allowed her to showcase her strengths in acting, songwriting, singing, music performance, assistant direction and backstage operations.  Through this experience, Buxton learned the intricacies of keeping a production operating on a shoestring budget supported by sales efforts in unpredictable markets.

After receiving a degree in Behavioral Business Management from Iowa State University, Buxton designed and created n-tier enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies in the entertainment industry working on such varied programs as Music Royalties, Entertainment Accounting and Home Video Rights Licensing for Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal.  This experience led her to an interest in investing using securities analysis while developing a healthy respect for risk mitigation, emerging technologies and disruptive business paradigms.

Buxton’s creative voice was built upon her education at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop and University of California Los Angeles’ screenwriting program.  Buxton’s strong interests in the paranormal, Celtic and Norse myth and legend have led her to win awards for her screenwriting and poetry.  Buxton began collaborating with brother, Stephen M. Jennings, under the mentorship of Emmy and Oscar-winning screenwriter Barry Morrow on a screenplay celebrating a woman’s struggles with a depression-era traveling tent show.

Buxton joined forces with Stephen, and father, Vivan M. Jennings, in 2007 to realize the vision of growing Grasshorse into a full service animation and live action studio.  She is the point of contact for sales and client relations and has produced for such clients as MTV, Skelanimals, Walt Disney Television and Union Pacific, winning numerous Telly and American Advertising Awards in the process.  Grasshorse’s short, The Sacrifice, also garnered awards at several film festivals including winning Best Animated Short at Dragon Con in 2010.

Buxton provides leadership and vision for the studio and oversees story development and artistic management.  She’s a member of the American Advertising Federation and serves on the boards of the National Association to Preserve Tent, Folk and Repertoire Theatre and the Iowa Motion Picture Association.